Slack Tech Stock Listing on NYSE

Slack stock IPO NYSE

Slack Technologies Inc., which offers a workplace collaboration platform, is going public tomorrow. Instead of an IPO, it is going public through a Direct Public Offering (DPO) following the footsteps of Spotify and others.

Here is some information about Slack.

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Quick Facts

  • Going public on June 20, 2019 on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
  • Stock ticker symbol: “WORK”
  • Structured as a direct public offering (DPO)
  • Offering price is determined by the market instead of investment bankers


  • 10 million daily active users
  • 85,000 paid customers
  • 65 of the Fortune 100 companies use the Slack platform
  • Over 150 countries have daily active users in Slack

Financial Highlights

  • Revenue of $400.6 million in the year ending January 31, 2019
  • Revenue up by 82% from prior year
  • Lost $140.7 million last year
  • Valuation by investors at $16 billion to $17 billion, according to Fortune


How to Buy or Sell Slack Stocks in Australia?

Access Slack Shares from US$10

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