China & Hong Kong Stock Market Outlook 2019 (Chinese)




欢迎收看辉立资本管理(香港)有限公司董事黄伟杰(Louis Wong)先生的投资讲座—-中国与香港市场2019展望——熊市是否已接近尾声?




黄玮杰先生(Louis Wong), 人称【黄师傅】,现任辉立证券及辉立资本管理董事。从事证券业超过二十年,目前专责基金管理,起管理的资产超过十亿元。黄师傅连续三年荣膺香港电台普通话节目【最佳财经专家】,更连续七年获选为壹周刊【选股专家】之一,擅长评析宏观经济,为读者挖掘优质潜力股。


In 2018, the China-US trade war is a major topic that concerned all. Investors are also weighing the economic impact of the trade war, constantly adjusting investment strategies.

What is the expectation of investors about China and the Hong Kong markets in the upcoming new year? Will China and Hong Kong stock markets weaken further? Is the bear close to the end?

Louis Wong, Director of the Phillip Capital Management (Hong Kong) Ltd, shared more insights on recent seminar in Singapore.  Please view video above.

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China Hong Kong Stock Market outlook 2019

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